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We make software selection easier and more effective

After helping countless businesses select software during our more than 25 years as software providers, we saw how complex and overwhelming the process can be. We launched Decision Point to make the journey toward choosing software solutions easier and the outcomes of those decisions better for businesses like yours.

At Decision Point, we’re not just consultants with backgrounds in accounting, technology or process improvement. We’ve actually been on the inside, helping businesses choose, deploy and leverage software. With our unique “in-the-trenches” perspective, our team of strategic thinkers is able to not only save your business time, money and effort in the decision-making process, but also ensure that those decisions are more informed to meet both your business’s big-picture goals and your individual stakeholders’ needs.

Why you should work with Decision Point

  • We know the technology landscape inside and out and understand the pit-falls associated with buying and deploying new software. We will share our experiences-both the good and the bad-with you.
  • We won’t recommend new software that you don’t really need, but instead try to find ways to make your existing technology work for you.
  • We go above and beyond to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes and will help you prepare for a smooth and successful deployment process.
  • We get to know the needs and priorities of your stakeholders and help align them in the decision-making process.
  • We help you sidestep any mistakes you may have made with current software.
  • We act as your advocate throughout the sales and implementation process and will continue to support you as you begin to use the software or for just as long as you need us.

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Let Decision Point help make the journey toward choosing software easier and the outcomes of your decisions more effective.

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