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Implementation Oversight

Implementation Oversight: Supporting you beyond the decision journey

The success of a new technology solution often hinges on the management of its implementation. To guarantee your new software’s success, Decision Point can remain onboard as you roll out your new solution, assigning the right people to the right tasks, managing change within your organization, and perhaps most importantly, acting as your advocate with the vendor to ensure that they deliver on their promises.

  • Project Governance & Staffing: Decision Point defines the organizational structure of the project, projecting critical success factors and determining key project assumptions. By staffing the project appropriately, clarifying everyone’s responsibilities and adjusting roles when necessary, we make sure the technology decisions you worked so hard to make are successfully implemented and embraced within your company.
  • Vendor Relations: Should challenges arise, Decision Point serves as your advocate with the vendor to make sure these issues are promptly and efficiently resolved. We also maintain frequent contact with external parties to prevent communication breakdowns that can derail your project.
  • Change Management: Ensuring your staff are onboard with this new technology is just as, if not more, important than the technology itself. Decision Point develops a plan for training your staff and ensuring that they embrace the new software, along with arranging post-implementation support.
  • Scope Definition: We define the standards by which you will measure the success of your project upfront. Then using these specific benchmarks, Decision Point carefully tracks deliverables and milestones to ensure that your new software meets your goals and helps your business fully realize its potential.

Key Benefits To Your Business

Gives you an advocate with the vendor and makes sure they deliver on their promises
Facilitates effective training, which in turn, improves adoption of the software
Measures the success of your software selection at the end of your journey

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