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Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment: Mapping the way

It’s important that the software you choose fully supports your business’s needs and goals. That’s why Decision Point does a deep dive into your operations-what we call “soul searching”-analyzing your business processes, needs and objectives and soliciting input from your stakeholders. By examining, processing and distilling down your requirements, we’re able to more effectively map your journey toward identifying the products and vendors that best fit your needs.

  • Existing Systems: At Decision Point, we always assess your current software before recommending new technology. In this evaluation process, we determine if your existing systems are in alignment with your business processes, if your staff have the skills to fully realize your technology’s capabilities and whether simply upgrading might fulfill your needs.
  • Interviews: If we find that change is needed, Decision Point conducts interviews with your stakeholders-from executives to key users to IT staff-to discuss their objectives and expectations for new systems as well as any barriers to change they might have. We also gather functional and technical requirements, such as needs for data sharing and integration between applications and technologies.
  • Process Re-engineering: There is no value in automating a flawed process. Before Decision Point recommends a new solution, we first take a close look at the efficiency of your current processes, recommending ways to reduce points of failure, limit unnecessary steps and improve quality.
  • Consensus: Decision Point compiles our analysis into a Business Case for Change document, which you can use to gain consensus among your stakeholders. This document includes high-level business process observations and recommendations, a system map that identifies the major systems and potential interfaces, and key considerations for the new software system.
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Key Benefits To Your Business

Ensures the software you choose fully meets your business's needs
Doesn't rule out a simple upgrade of your existing software
Fine-tunes your business processes
Supports you in gaining consensus for change

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