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Project Planning

Project Planning: The first step toward meeting your needs

At Decision Point, we believe that proper planning is essential to fulfilling your objectives.  We utilize a project delivery framework that can be applied to projects of any size, type, complexity, and industry that includes a combination of processes, tasks and tools used to transition a project from start to finish.

  • Initiation: We will kick off the project by introducing our Decision Point team to your executive sponsors and core project team.  We will help you identify subject matter experts for requirements gathering and other working sessions. We will review our recommendations for project communications, including regular status reporting and project participant meetings.
  • Scope and Alignment: The first step in the decision-making process is to align expectations for the contracted scope of work.  It is critical to ensure that the project objectives, scope, and deliverables align with your vision, drivers, and direction. This step also includes finalizing the project components as well as reviewing the governance, resources, roles, and dependencies of the project.
  • Schedule: Utilizing our project template, we will develop a schedule of major tasks and milestones with the associated due date and person responsible.  We will work with you to define a plan that effectively synchronizes your priorities and timeline with your scope and resources and will continue to provide regular updates throughout the project. 
  • Communication: Continuous communication and feedback is the key to a successful project. By remaining in constant communication with your team throughout the project, we’re able to prevent problems before they occur and keep your project on schedule. During our project status meetings, we will review accomplishments, update the project plan, discuss open issues, and develop strategies to resolve any roadblocks.
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Ensures the technology solution you choose meets all of your objectives
Prevents delayed decisions and allows for timely selection and deployment
Invests your stakeholders in the decision-making process

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