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Vendor Evaluation

Vendor Evaluation: Finding the right partner for the journey

On your software selection journey, it’s important that your business finds not only the right solution but also the right partner to provide that solution. Decision Point helps you evaluate everything—from each vendor’s knowledge and experience to their culture and, of course, their pricing. Thanks to our more than 25 years of experience in software sales and deployment, our Decision Strategists understand the technology landscape and have developed an impressive network of vendors to find the right fit for your needs.

  • Proposal Solicitation: After prescreening vendors and culling our initial list down to a select group, we solicit RFPs from this short list in a format that allows for the easiest review and comparison by your team. These proposals include vendors’ qualifications and experience as well as details about their deployment methodology and implementation services.
  • Proposal Review: Conducting an initial review of the proposals received, Decision Point leverages our experience to spot any problems, concerns or risks and clarifies information through one-on-one discussions with vendors. Our semi-automated proposal evaluation tool makes it easier for your team to compare and numerically rank each of these proposals.
  • Demos: You won’t know if software has the functionality you need until you use it. At this stage of the journey, our Decision Strategists facilitate software demonstrations from your culled list of vendors and compile feedback from your team members who have participated in the demos. This valuable input is used to further narrow the field of vendors.
  • Contract Negotiation: You’ve finally reached the point where you can make an informed and risk-free decision about a vendor. But this new relationship must be built upon trust, which starts with the contract. Decision Point helps you negotiate a strong and equitable contract with clearly defined expectations and deliverables, straightforward terms and conditions, and the best possible price that also covers all your needs.
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Key Benefits To Your Business

Allows apples-to-apples comparisons of vendors
Identifies problems or risks associated with vendors
Facilitates demos and compiles feedback
Helps you negotiate a strong contract

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